Impact believers, deep thinkers and committed doers

At Aleron, our team combines the enthusiasm, energy and experience to deliver true impact for our clients. We come from diverse sectors and organisations – ranging from social enterprises to global financial institutions.

We tailor our team for each engagement, to combine the right mix of business knowledge, rigorous strategic thinking, data analytics expertise and operational experience. This ensures that we provide our clients with the skills and capabilities they require.

Nicolas Ponset
Nicolas PonsetFounder & Chief Executive
Jill Carman
Jill CarmanSenior Consultant
Jovana Ma
Jovana MaSenior Consultant
Mohsin Javed
Mohsin JavedChief Scientist
Jasper Joyce
Jasper JoyceSenior Consultant
Tanner Taddeo
Tanner TaddeoConsultant
Jess Stillerman
Jess StillermanSenior Consultant
Jonah Grunsell
Jonah GrunsellFundraising & Strategy Expert
Jamie Sandall
Jamie SandallConsultant
Thomas Athey
Thomas AtheyConsultant
Christine Corlet Walker
Christine Corlet WalkerConsultant
Norman Freshney
Norman FreshneyHealth Research Strategy Expert
Ed Fidoe
Ed FidoeEducation Advisor


Our advisory board is composed of senior leaders, with unparalleled field expertise, who have the ability to think both strategically and creatively. Our advisors share their experience and expertise to not only guide the future direction of Aleron, but to help us provide better support to the sector as a whole.

We seek out advisors based on their unique value add and their fit with our ways of working. While our advisors all contribute in distinct ways, they all have the following in common: keen interest in Aleron’s work, capacity to create opportunities and generate new ideas, ability to effectively communicate knowledge and insights and deep thematic, sector-specific understanding gained from years of experience

Betsy Bassis
Betsy Bassis
Bahman Beyroun
Bahman Beyroun
Marta Garcia
Marta Garcia
Noel Gordon
Noel Gordon
Colin Weston
Colin Weston
Jonathan Rose
Jonathan Rose
Lewis Liu
Lewis LiuData science
Viet LeQuoc
Viet LeQuocMedical Expert