2111, 2016

Taking control of your analytics journey

November 21st, 2016|Categories: Businesses, Charities, Data Analytics, Foundations, Public sector, Social & Environmental Impact, Social Innovation, Strategy|Tags: , , , , |

by Nicolas Ponset, Chief Executive at Aleron

The quantity of data being generated each year is increasing exponentially. The opportunity to use data to transform how organisations operate, manage talent, and create value is growing at a similar rate. But, data on its own doesn’t provide executives and other decision makers with valuable insights. In fact, when a coherent approach to data collection and analysis is lacking, working with data can fast become burdensome, expensive and distracting.

For data to deliver any meaningful value for an organisation, the information must be directly relevant to their strategic objectives. Furthermore, there must be a […]

1611, 2016

The Rise of Network Impact Measurement

November 16th, 2016|Categories: Businesses, Charities, Social & Environmental Impact, Strategy|Tags: , , , , |

by Angela Wu and Jill Carman, Consultants at Aleron

It is common for organisations to overlook their wider impact beyond their beneficiaries and on other organisations and the extended community. Capturing wider impact and knock-on effects is important and can help you understand the real value of your work.

Many charities are starting to see the benefits of measuring their impact within a bigger network. Most social sector organisations operate in a complex network of influence, and ‘making an impact’ on a beneficiary often cannot be attributed to any single organisation. With this in mind, we encourage charities to think big when measuring […]

909, 2016

Beyond Collaboration: Can impact define a sector?

September 9th, 2016|Categories: Charities, Social & Environmental Impact|Tags: , |

by Jasper Joyce, Consultant at Aleron

Last week we attended an inspiring workshop of youth leaders discussing and debating ‘collective impact’. Collective Impact is a concept and approach that is increasingly capturing the imagination of the social sector, funding community and governments alike. In a sentence, collective impact is the commitment of a group of important actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a specific social issue.


Five preconditions for success

The Centre for Youth Impact and UK Youth, along with a range of youth charities and charity advisers, are embarking on this ambitious and exciting project and, […]

1005, 2016

Sinzer partners with Aleron

May 10th, 2016|Categories: Social & Environmental Impact|Tags: , , |

We are proud to announce a new partnership!

Sinzer is a solution for measuring and maximizing impact. Its mission is to make social impact measurement accessible and cost-efficient through our software solutions and services, in order to enable organizations to manage and report about their impact consistently and maximize their value.

They support social investors and mission driven organisations in measuring, managing and maximizing their impact. Their professional team of impact consultants and software developers offers:

  • Consultancy, training and support services for impact measurement
  • This collaboration will help us to better serve and bring value to our clients by developing Impact management software with a selection […]